The future of investment is in people, Estithmar Holding believes that capitalising on employees not only as a workforce but on their career-development is an asset.

Emergence of artificial intelligence, robotics and financial technology paved way to a faster and more efficient way of doing trade and business. However, investment in human capital is a must and will ensure your business stands the test of time.

This is where our Wise Workers initiative, which is run by Elegancia Resources, an affiliate of Estithmar Holding, comes into play. Blue-collar employees may enhance their careers in facilities management and hospitality thanks to the educational programme that is specifically designed for them.

The opportunity for advancement doesn't end there; we broaden it by giving workers English courses that include three level programmes and a set of skills applicable to several sectors. By taking these courses and gaining these abilities, workers can move to new jobs that include hospitality, catering, and facilities management services.

This new investment is in line with how we manage our portfolio, which presently includes over 30,000 employees working for a diverse range of companies.

240 people made up the initial batch of the Wise Workers programme which started in April, and five training centres have now been established inside the workers' housing to make it simpler for them to access the educational facilities. Up to 600 employees per day are currently being trained across the centres.

Professional trainers and senior management from Elegancia who are among the best in their disciplines serve as educators for the programme, giving employees a dedicated learning opportunity. To keep track of the workers' learning, a curriculum monitoring, and assessments are in place.

The programme also takes into account Qatar's rapidly evolving market, particularly now that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is five months away. Additionally, this initiative supports Qatar's National Vision 2030, which focuses on the three pillars of human, social, and economic development.

A person's success in advanced learning is a reflection of his or her discipline, passion, and tenacity, and Estithmar is at the forefront of ensuring that our workers make the most of their time with us. We are preparing our people for professional growth as the future is quickly taking shape by delivering higher learning within the organisation.

Just as technological development is quickly accelerating and changing the business landscape, we are preparing our workforce to be future ready through the Wise Workers programme which will allow our employees to thrive and adapt in an everchanging environment.

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