The healthcare sector has without a doubt risen to the new challenges posed by the pandemic over the past two years. It has undergone a significant evolution, improving the human experience and reshaping services to meet the demands of the nation. We at Elegancia healthcare believe we have an absolute obligation to further increase the healthcare services in the country and the GCC region which is accessible, affordable and of high quality, and this is through our soon to open cutting-edge facility the Korean Medical Center (KMC).


KMC will establish the nation as a pioneer in the GCC's medical sector. In addition to giving Qatar's economy a significant boost, this development will offer medical care without having to invest heavily traveling abroad. A healthy ecosystem will be created in the nation as a result of this accessibility to healthcare, affordability, and high quality of services, guaranteeing access to healthcare for all.


Elegancia Healthcare have partnered with leading Korean groups in their fields. These groups include JK Plastic Surgery Centre, Korea's medical-tourism industry leader since 1998, which provides cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and anti-ageing; the Lime Tree Dental Hospital, a highly regarded cosmetic dentistry clinic; and many more.


One of our aims is to deliver the highest quality healthcare in the region by incorporating leaders in their respective fields into a single facility without requiring patients to travel to Korea. The Korean Medical Center provides a wide range of options for everything wellness-related under one roof, including pain treatment and rehabilitation, fertility, ophthalmology (vision), spine and joint, executive health checkups, in addition to plastic surgery, dermatology, wellness center, and dentistry.


KMC, a medical center with a high level of expertise and cutting-edge technology, will be a popular choice for locals, foreigners, and medical tourists looking for clinical excellence, an outstanding patient experience, and advanced medical technology.


Why Korean healthcare? It has achieved high ranks across healthcare indicators, has the highest rank in life expectancy, it’s the number one in the world for the number of aesthetic operations performed per capita, leading in fertility success rates, and excels in non-invasive spinal surgery. Providing the best quality healthcare to Qatar and the GCC countries is one of Elegancia Healthcare’s goals.


KMC has eight floors, seven specialised centres and primary care services, 46 outpatient clinics, 66 procedure and treatment rooms, 18 one-day surgery beds, three operating rooms, and one radiology unit all in a 36,000 sqm facility at Lusail Boulevard.


We can promise you that the medical care system we have in place and the expertise of our staff will enable patients to benefit from all of our services in a number of ways.


Estithmar and Elegancia Healthcare believe that the healthcare industry is essential to the long-term growth of the Qatari economy. The Korean Medical Center will act as a catalyst for innovation, developing and disseminating pioneering, life-improving medicine and offering patients a variety of healthcare alternatives.

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