Elegancia Healthcare, a subsidiary of Estithmar Holding, a healthcare leader founded on the principles of compassion and global excellence  and Ooredoo, Qatar's leading national telecommunications company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with.

The MoU establishes the fundamental framework for strategic cooperation between the two parties by encouraging knowledge exchange and innovation partnerships that drive the development of elevated healthcare experiences for Qatar’s population.

Uniting Ooredoo's digital capabilities and Elegancia’s Healthcare excellence, the partnership seeks to foster progress by connecting healthcare to advanced communication technology. Collaborative efforts will focus on propelling innovation in the areas of healthcare technology, telemedicine, and patient care.

Both entities aspire to jointly explore opportunities for research and development that aim to enhance healthcare outcomes and patient interactions. By sharing knowledge, best practice, and technological advances, the partnership aims to invigorate the healthcare sector with transformative solutions that positively impact the lives of patients and pursuers of healthcare services.

Encompassing a comprehensive spectrum of collaboration fields, the agreement’s scope includes specialized treatments, diagnostics, patient care, and comprehensive healthcare screening packages aimed at early disease detection and prevention. Additionally, joint health camps, workshops, and awareness programs will be organized to educate the public on the importance of regular screenings.

Commenting on the signing of the MOU, Ooredoo CEO, Sheikh Ali Bin Jabor Bin Mohammad Al Thani said: "Ooredoo Qatar is delighted to have signed this Memorandum of Understanding with Elegancia Healthcare Group. This commitment marks the beginning of a collaboration that encompasses joint initiatives and projects in areas such as healthcare screening, telemedicine, health education and technology. This innovative partnership paves the way for strategic advancements in modern patient care. Ooredoo takes pride in contributing to this dynamic initiative, aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of our nation's citizens and residents."

Echoing this sentiment, Mr. Ramez Al-Khayyat, Vice Chairman of Estithmar Holding, remarked, "Our partnership with Ooredoo marks a new chapter in healthcare innovation. Together, we envision a future where technology and healthcare seamlessly converge, resulting in groundbreaking solutions that elevate the standards of care in Qatar and beyond."

As Qatar advances into the era of excellence in healthcare, Ooredoo and Elegancia Healthcare are at the forefront of this transformative journey. By harnessing the synergy between telecommunications and healthcare, the partnership aims to redefine the healthcare landscape, fostering innovation, progress, and enhanced patient experience.

Elegancia Healthcare a subsidiary of Estithmar is a healthcare leader in Qatar. Founded on the principles of compassion and global excellence, Elegancia Healthcare is driven by commitment to deliver unmatched patient-focused experiences and allowing people to lead better and healthier lives.

In order to optimize Qatar’s continued and sustained economic growth and to successfully achieve the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030, Elegancia Healthcare values the health and wellness of the collective and believes in facilitating substantive action.

The company recently established, state-of-the-art healthcare institutions in the country, namely, The View Hospital and is due to launch the Korean Medical Center; a technologically advanced medical center, introducing international standards in patient care.

For more information about Elegancia Healthcare please visit www.eleganciahealthcare.com/Profile

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